Objectiu BCN · Master class at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

     ABBAS ► April 2 , 19:30

    This slideshow show pictures of Abbas who has devoted forty years to cover conflicts around the world. Since the war of Bangladesh in 1979 to Vietnam, apartheid in South Africa, the revolution in Iran, the various wars in the Middle East and eventually the current conflict between civilization and the Judeo-Christian Islam, Abbas stressed the difference between a photographer and a photographer battles of wars: wars are not limited to battles, but are a complex phenomenon with political dimensions, social, cultural and psychological fascinating to observe.

    Thirteen years ago, spellbound by the photos of the “marabunta men” in diaspora to Mecca, I remember traveling to Saudi Arabia from the library of the Espai Francesc Català Roca. It is a luxury  to have him in  our city to introduce his collection of photographs documenting a long career as photojournalistic.