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I define myself as a restless person, entrepreneur, open minded. I explore in other disciplines that can be fused to my current knowledge and experience. My motivation is to integrate synergies to my visual field to enhance communication. I move through  ideas leading them to the concept, building visual projects as a architectural basis  of  communication.

The discovery of photography has been a source of awesome surprises. I found a bridge to aproach dialogue with others, tools and media expression in my own voice. My enthusiasm, knowledge and passion led me to education, ten years later I’m still theaching photography.

Before, in my past twelve years career in advertising, I gave up agencies as a responsible of Customer Service in Dadión Creative Ideas, working for companies in the industrial sector. Previously, my great “school” was in the British agency Saatchi & Saatchi, eight years holding the position of senior executive working for the Laboratory Dr. Esteve, FAD, Danone, Barcelona City Council, Arbora, Alcampo, La Zaragozana, Abanderado and Princesa from Sara Lee, among others. My beginnings three years in Tandem DDB Campmany and Guasch. Over these years, having a close working relation with client developing communication strategy, understand the client business, focusing daily dialogue with the creative team, enhanced my creativity towards business subjects, and multimedia tools.

Now I am very excited to the prospect of this long experience, because it allows me a step forward, for it you will find at your disposal the know-how of both professions, proposals business value, communication strategy, visual production photography, video and design.

New stage, new challenges to achieve, I am happy about the commitment that my skills and competencies will be reflected in the objectives of your business.

See you very soon!