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DISTRICT PROJECT Title: Variations on the same theme: the family Since the beginning of the assignment by the Museo Picasso in 2009 until the 3rd edition of 2012, the project has evolved each year. The project area is a proposal from the Picasso Museum Education Service in partnership with schools and colleges that receive the Old Town neighborhood students. From Picasso’s work, working environment transversely artistic creation. Participants in the development are: – The primary and secondary schools in the district, which defines the issues, length and format. – An artist, who works in the creative act from a contemporary perspective. In this case photographer. – The museum, which provides knowledge about Picasso that serves as a starting point. The working process is as important as the result. All who participate – students , teachers, artists and museum staff – learn. The Neighborhood Project is a local Education Service of the Picasso Museum in its third year of implementation.

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