Title from book copy writer Sir Gerald Durrell, text and photographs by Lídia Carbonell

To add a touch of humor to a complex subject,  years ago when I read the book by Gerald Durrell I never imagine I would copy the title.

With your permission, Mr. Durrell, but I can not think of a better one, thanks to your sense of humor, the title lighten the emotional burden associated with the topic.

Seen in the distance Durrell’s family holiday in Corfu, Ionian Sea, report a micro cosmos extrapolated to everyday scenarios of any  Mediterranean family .

My early learning  in photography I “adopt” my grandmother as a model, she was patient, loving, not scared by lens, in fact so far is the only person I’ve ever met, not a professional model, she did not feel “intimidated” by the camera. I reserved to know if it was because she loved me without reservation or because I did not know quite what that “junk” that stood between her eyes and mine.

This draft ending process, except to the end of my days, not intended to reflect any moments lived beyond reality, but  illusory hope of stopping time.