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    “World has became visual, creating connections optimizing our messages.

    Images create synergies, this is how we communicate in the technological age, obtaining maximum impact with minimal writing.

    With new technologies, photography has achieve the peak level of expresion, information and communication. The regular presence in all visual aids, has consolidated the nature of photography, to be visible”.

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    Avda. Diagonal, Barcelona City Council Infraestructure work's
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    Catalonia Square, the heard of the city · Mobile World Center · Capital Barcelona.
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    Barcelona Skyline · Mediterranean Sea
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    Barcelona Infraestructure · Contemporary landscape
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    La Maquinista · Barcelona shopping center
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    The MNAC, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
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    22@ Barcelona innovation district
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    Tens Cirque du Soleil · Forum
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    Snow, unusual weather. ETSAV UPC · Higher Tech. School of Architecture.
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    LUX National Prize Portrait 2002 · Overlooker Ermitage Museum
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    Prize 2002 · 17º Competition Caminos de Hierro · Renfe
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    Prize 2004 · 19º Competition Caminos de Hierro · Renfe. Moscow subway
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    Close -up Hotel Porta Fira· Toyo Ito Architecture
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    Barcelona, City of Justice
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    Mediterranean Seacoast
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    Diagonal Avenue to Forum · Barcelona
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    Calatrava Bridge
  • Deconstruction Glories Ring
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    Agbar Tower · Glories square
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    Regulars to Encants marketplace. Barcelona
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    Nursery garden in Glories square
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    Works deconstruction Glories ring road
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    Forum Photovoltaic
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    Gate to Barcelona city from Mediterranean Sea
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    La Seca · Espai Joan Brossa creative Lab · Barcelona
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    Frederic Mares Museum · Barcelona
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    Espai Joan Brossa · Theater
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    Contemporary dance company Pepe Hevia
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    Barcelona · District facilities
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    Feria de Sevilla in Barcelona
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    Feria de Sevilla in Barcelona